She began with us as an eager, determined, optimistic graduate intern.  And now, almost eight years later, we have to say so long to the same eager, determined, optimistic woman, but who is now no longer intern, as she has blossomed into a seasoned professional.  Sara Oglesby has been the heart of our Illinois office for years.  Her passion and dedication to children with special needs has been the driving force behind the amazing work she has done over the years.  Sara has changed the lives of so many children and families for the better.  She has cried with families during the hard times, and rejoiced during the good.  We will miss you dearly, but please know how proud we are of you as you follow your dreams and become a pediatric nurse for children with special needs.  Best of luck Sara…you are destined for greatness, and we have been blessed to have had you for the time we did!  You will always be part of the Madison family!!