Dear Perry,

I can’t believe we are coming up on two years since we met you.  Two years since that magical week that we spent with you and your friends, getting to know you, and being blown away by your spirit and resolve.  Two years since our good friend shared you with the world here.

Perry, we thought you would have been home by now.  But sometimes, things don’t always work out as we expect them to.  So here we are, yet again, searching high and low for your forever family.  And we have to believe that they are still out there.  Waiting.  Just as you are.  Maybe they just have not had a glimpse of your sweet smile yet.  Or maybe they don’t know of your kind, generous spirit.   But we have faith that your happy ending is coming.

Last year we asked you about adoption.  You said you knew what it was, and you very much wanted to be adopted.  We very much want that too for you Perry.  You deserve a family.  You deserve love.  You deserve stability.  You deserve a family who is not only able to accommodate your all of your needs, but a family who will encourage you to push the limits.  A family who won’t ever let you say ˜I can’t,’ but one who will encourage you to only say ˜I can.’  One who will encourage you to fly.

Your spirit Perry is unforgettable.  A spirit that imprinted so heavily on our souls, even two years later, it is still palpable.  And it is that spirit that continues to drive us to not stop until we find your family.  We are sorry you have waiting this long.  But hang in there a bit more Perry.  They are out there.  And we will find them.


Your friends at Madison

Perry is on the shared list, therefore he is available for adoption through any China accredited agency.  Madison Adoption Associates will waive their entire agency fee of $8,000 for the qualified family who steps forward and adopts Perry through MAA.  If you would like to be considered as Perry’s forever family, please complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form.