3,092. 3,092 children waiting on one country’s shared list. One country. And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all of the children waiting in that one country. Don’t get me wrong, 3,092 is a huge number. But it is simply a fraction of the number of children waiting for forever families across the world. And it doesn’t come close to touching the estimated 153 million orphans in our world. So picture a number somewhere between 3,092 and 153 million as you read this next statistic¦.

40%. We’ve had to turn away 40% of families who recently contacted us about adoption, because they no longer qualify.

Regulations will change. They always do! But these changing regulations do not change the number of children who wait. That number continues to grow. It grows while the number of qualifying families continues to decrease. We could argue about how unfair it is, and we can fight policies (and, we do), but it still will not change the number who wait.

While we continue to do all we can behind the scenes to urge our partners to recognize the ramifications of regulations that are far too restrictive, the children still wait. So for now, while we fight for the children, and while we continue to wait alongside them, we extend this grant to you to the qualified prospective adoptive family. We need you. They need you. Do not wait any longer. The time is now.


Madison Adoption Associates is pleased to offer the ‘Regulations May Change, But The Children Still Wait $1,000 Grant’ to any qualified family who applies and contracts with MAA for any program today through December 31, 2017 (deducted from the first agency fee). *This is in addition to all other qualifying MAA child and family grants.*

Email contact@madisonadoption.org for more information.