Our first post in a series about adopting boys.  Waiting Mom Shari shares what led her to pursue the adoption of her son…

The Forgotten Boys

I agree, adopting a Boy isn’t probably your first thought when thinking about adoption.  Like many families, adopting a girl was my first thought and want, too.  As a matter of fact, I did just that.  I adopted a girl from China in 2015.   But, the crazy thing was, I thought I was finished.  I thought I had my family complete.  I have one bio son, and now I have my little girl.  And, not to mention, I’m a single mom.

But, then my heart was burdened.  I was seeing, watching, reading, and researching how boys are being left in the orphanage in China.  Every family wants the pretty, sweet girl, because that is what we were taught – girls are left in the Chinese orphanages because of the one-child policy, so there’s no boys there.

On the contrary, that’s not true.  I actually went on a mission trip to China in 2013 to two different orphanages.  Yes, there are girls, but there were more boys, to my surprise.  How come the boys are there?  Aren’t they the ones that never get abandoned?? My own eyes and heart were opened to the reality, that boys are in need in China – a need for a family!

After my adoption with my girl, I kept reading stories and watching families adopt – adopt girls.  My heart grew more burdened for these forgotten boys out there.  I know they are out there just waiting for you, for me, for a forever family.

It honestly kept me up a nights.  How come no one explains this side of the adoption/orphanages?  What can I do to help?

That’s when I knew God called me to go back to China and get my son.  I was made aware of all this so I would be one of the families that go back to get a boy.  I feel like the boys, especially with special needs, are truly the least of œthe least of these.   I’m finding out that even with adopting a boy, the process actually goes quicker!  And, many of them have more grants than girls.  It’s like they are begging to come home – to my home, to your home!

So with God’s calling and strength, I have once again opened my heart and home to receive another child, both are older children, from China, a girl and a BOY.

I can’t wait to bring my new son home!  My two kids are more than excited to have a little brother, a œdidi.   As a matter of fact, my older bio son is already planning on teaching him his video games and saving some of his games and electronics for him.  He’s so excited to have a brother that he can play œboy-things with and not just a little sister who wants to play girl-y things.

There are so many boys out there, and so many families wanting to adopt – maybe one of the boys is yours.  Don’t look past them just because of their gender.  Boys needs homes too!

So my story will be continued.  We are hoping to travel around Summer of 2018 to go back for a older boy.   And, maybe, this can be your story too¦..

Thank you, Shari, for sharing your story!  While we can’t show you Shari’s son’s picture just yet, we will be sure to continue to check back in with her closer to travel so we can show her handsome little man to the world!

Madison Adoption Associates is expecting many new referrals of waiting children in the upcoming months, many of which will be for boys.  Interested in adopting a boy?  Contact us at sarah@madisonadoption.org to get started!