Post-Adoption Reports. We send you many reminders. We can sometimes be a bit persistent. Some may even think we are annoying! 

So what’s the big deal with them you ask? We’ll tell you! 

Did you know that entire country adoption programs have closed because of non-compliance with post-adoption reports? Did you know that thousands of children will never have the opportunity of a family due to the non-compliance of some adoptive families who came before them? It may sound dramatic….but that is because it is. It is a BIG.DEAL! 

Perhaps you are not happy with the level of care your child received at his or her orphanage, and don’t feel the need to update them. Or, perhaps you are currently struggling with your new child, making a report the last thing on your mind. We get it. We truly do. But whatever your reasons, the fact of the matter is that children are still there. Waiting. And your inaction could cause them to have to wait forever. To wait forever for their forever family to never come.

For those of you who are struggling, please know we are always here to help, as well as your direct post-adoption workers. And, while the post-adoption report may feel like a burden when you are in crisis, it could very well be what you need! It provides you the opportunity to sit with a professional who can offer support, refer you to services, and come up with a plan so that your family can succeed. But, we don’t read minds! We can’t help you unless you tell us you need help. Reaching out for help is never a sign of failure….but quite the opposite….it’s a sign of strength. We have certified TBRI practitioners on staff, as well as a Post-Adoption Wellness Coordinator, all dedicated to your family’s success.

And if you are doing great, and your child is thriving, and a worker coming in and taking up two hours is the last thing you need when you should be at soccer practice and making dinner and doing laundry, use that opportunity to boast and brag about your child! Show us and these countries how well our kids are doing and how they are thriving! This will only solidify that adoption is indeed a good thing, and that adoptions should remain open. And as many children as possible should know what the love of a family feels like. Again, it is a BIG.DEAL! 

And if you STILL don’t want to comply, at the end of the day, please remember that you gave us your word. You promised. We trusted your word. And for those of us who have dedicated our lives to children affected by trauma, we know how important trust is. Please stand by your word. And be our partners and stand by the children who still wait.