It is with a heavy heart that we share about the passing of an incredibly special boy – the world lost an angel on January 9, 2022 when Luke passed away. Luke holds a special place in the hearts of all of us at MAA. We advocated for Luke for years. On several occasions we came very close to finding him a family! But we never quite made it to securing his forever. Then COVID hit, and we were no longer able to advocate for any waiting children.

While we never met Luke, we knew through colleagues that he was a sweet, kindhearted, gentle soul who loved to love, and loved to be loved. Thanks to our amazing friends at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village, Luke was able to experience the love of a family throughout his short life. Maybe it wasn’t a traditional family, but it was his family nonetheless. While we are so grateful that Luke lived somewhere where he was adored until the very end, the sadness is still very real knowing that Luke never got to experience his forever family. He would have blessed them beyond measure.

In honor of Luke, we are humbled to announce Luke’s Legacy – an MAA grant for older boys.* Older boys often wait the longest for a family, yet we know so many wonderful boys like Luke are waiting and hoping for someone to take a chance on them. This $1,500 grant (in addition to MAA’s $500 grant for children 8 and older) will be available to qualified families who submit a Letter of Intent, which is approved by the country, for a boy in any of our programs who is 12 or older.

Luke, we so wish we had found you your forever family, but we pray you can rest easy knowing that your spirit will live on in this grant, and allow families to bring home older boys for years to come, in your name.

If you are interested in learning more about adopting an older boy, please visit our website, or email Lindsey Gilbert at

*The Luke’s Legacy grant is available to MAA families whose LOI is submitted (and later approved by the country) for a boy 12 or older on or after February 15, 2022. The grant is offered based on the age of the child at time of LOI submission. One grant per sibling group. MAA grants cannot take the agency fee total below $4,000 (single child) or $8,000 (sibling group). The Luke’s Legacy grant is not available to MAA families who are already matched, nor is it available if the child turns 12 after LOI approval but before adoption completion.