Shaun will be turning 7 next month and is newly listed with Madison Adoption Associates. He is a terrific little boy with a very manageable need! He is in care of a very well-run orphanage with a Half the Sky program. Shaun is diagnosed with bilateral atresia of external ears (moderate conductive hearing loss).,  Diana at Madison met him last year and said he is VERY sweet. A few adoptive families have met him too and have said that he is very sweet and precious!, ,  Shaun’s file states that he is not affected by the atresia of the bilateral auricles. He likes being with and playing with other children. When called loudly, he will turn to you and smile to you happily. He likes helping his teacher- when the teacher praises him or affirms him, he gets very happy. He is also willing to help other children. He is extroverted, active, and restless.

Madison received two videos of him and his friend, who is also waiting to be chosen by a family.
Video Links:

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**If you are interested in his buddy on the shared list, please email me at el_lauren at yahoo dot com (no spaces) for his information.