This is a guest post from a writer and soon to be adoptive mother through the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even though MAA does not have a Congo program we assisted this family through the homestudy process and are eager to see them united with their child. Sarah Andersons writing is encouraging for those who wait, both children and the adoptive parents that count the days until they are united.

Dear Adoptive Mama in waiting,,š¦, Believe!

,,¦¦ÅConsider it pure JOY, my brothers (and sisters!), whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish it,,¦¾šs work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.,,š James 1:2-3

We are facing a huge trial. Our daughter is stuck in a difficult situation., Many around us have stopped asking about our adoption and others are riddled with fear., We are in a HARD PLACE.

But HOPE comes- PEACE comes- JOY comes.

We see the trials and we face them head on., We see the brokenness that keeps our daughter stuck in an orphanage.

phoebe sleeping

There are days when things seem impossible.



,,¦¦ÅWe can begin to find JOY in our trials when we accept them for what they are- schools of instruction for our soul.,,š

– Women of Faith

It is a battle.

Not just against flesh.

IT,,¦¾šS a fight for souls and a fight for lives.

Our daughter doesn,,¦¾št know who we are and doesn,,¦¾št understand what,,¦¾šs, at stake.


Our tiny girl is a warrior and she doesn,,¦¾št even know it.


We felt a bit in shock as we stood facing another battle.

But you know what settled in and around that shock?

Through the brokenness and cracks of our story?


In those broken places ,,,¦šœ the LORD reminded me that he is GOOD.

He loves ME.

He loves our daughter across the ocean.

He is over all. I am so sure of his goodness that it pushed the fear out.

He is in control and HIS best WILL happen.

I think there needs to be a book called the Adoption Battle or maybe just the Adoption Journey Survival Guide. For the Encouragement and Sustainability during the weeks and months of waiting. It is SO EASY to turn negative, I have been there. I still find myself there some days. But it is so much more freeing to find trust- joy-peace and want to persevere. There was a time when I felt like I might Give up. Why? Because I began to believe the lie that God wasn,,¦¾št for ME instead of believing the truth.

believe his love

If you don,,¦¾št believe ask the Lord to help you- to hold you up and keep going when you struggle with doubt. And on those days when you can,,¦¾št hold your arms in praise because it is so terribly hard to see the positive in your situation, call a friend and ask her to pray for you and keep your arms lifted for you. Because doubt is there. It is SO STRONG- it can shake you. But don,,¦¾št let it. I think I,,¦¾šll call my book

Dear Adoptive Mama in waiting,,š¦ Believe!

The Door

Believe the door will open. Believe when you doubt. Believe his goodness is true and his love for you is new.

The door may be strong- it may be heavy.

The door seems to be blocking your view of freedom. No way past it. You feel stuck.

But the truth is not always visible. We have to believe in God,,¦¾šs truth. He sees what is just past that door and it,,¦¾šs his love.


He loves us so. More than we will ever begin to know.

I see his love in his pursuit of me and those I love.

I see his love in connections he makes- people I meet and friends who stay near.

His love is in the sun, the rain and soil. IT grows ,,,¦šœ just as he has planned- as he keeps tending our souls.

Don,,¦¾št give up- Believe even in the Doubt.

Speak with your heart.

Pray with your soul.

Jesus is near. Do you feel him next to you?

He knows what best, even while we sit in pain

His goodness and love are never the test- they always stay the same.

Consider it JOY.

Dear Adoptive Momma in waiting,

,,¦¦ÅHe has put a new song in your mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.,,š Psalm 40:3

,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  , Oh precious one. From our lips he has ordained praise! In the dark places, the doubting places- he has ordained praise. The Lord will put a new song in your mouth, a hymn of Praise. Praise the Lord for the ways he loves you, for his goodness that knows no end. For the Peace the squelches the wildfire in your soul. Praise him for the song- the notes spaced out perfectly and placed at ease. He is the composer and He is writing a new song in you! Praise him for things yet unseen. Praise him, for many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord. He places us on a rock. His goodness fills you, his love reaches you.. His peace fills your every need. Praise him when you are weary. Trust that he is moving mountains and answering prayers beyond your line of vision. He is fighting your battle!

,,¦¦ÅBe confident of this: YOU will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.,,š Psalm 27:13-14

*note that italics are a change in words from the original

How has Praise changed your life?