Meet handsome 10 year old Josh!,  Josh has the cutest dimples!,  He is newly listed with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership.,  Josh is listed as having a developmental delay.,  He attends school in the orphanage and lives with a foster family.,  Josh is described as introverted, friendly, shy, funny, a follower (he has a big brother in foster care), and a little naughty. He doesn’t like school. He attended public school in the past, but is now in the Sunshine… Academy in the orphanage. Josh reads well and is very well spoken and very logical. Josh was initially raised by neighbors and was brought to the orphanage at a later age. The neighbor family wanted to keep Josh, but they were too old to care for him. The foster family takes good care of Josh, but they are not strict about studying. Josh is very artistic and he loves art. Josh wants a big family and he likes cats.

Videos: Password: Adoptmaa

There is a $3,000 grant for Josh’s adoption with Madison Adoption Associates. If a family signs on with MAA and moves forward for Josh in April, there would be another $1,500 in agency fee reductions for Josh’s adoption. Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family circumstances. Grants are awarded as agency fee reductions.

If you are interested in reviewing Josh’s file or in adopting Josh, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here:

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