The Sparrow Fund is a wonderful organization that supports and encourages adopting and adoptive families in a variety , of ways. Their website and blog are nothing short of encouraging.,  Recently, while reading through some of the information on their website I realized that they offer to qualifying families grants that can help to cover the cost of medical assessments PRE-ADOPTION. This is fantastic!

As a homestudy case worker and adoptive parent I always recommend that my clients, especially those considering children with any sort of special need, have the child’s file reviewed by a medical professional that understands both adoption and institutional life.,  The main, reason is to help honestly prepare parents for the child’s possible needs so that they can truly assess what the days to come may look like and help prepare parents., The Sparrow Fund website states, “We believe that the family is responsible to be as well prepared as possible for the major life change that adoption brings. One of the most significant ways you can prepare yourselves is to bring in medical professionals to work with you to understand what it means to bring a child out of an institution or foster home and transition him or her into a permanent home.”

Sparrow Fund understands, just like many adoptive parents have already thought, that paying for a medical review of your child’s file can be difficult in the face of a costly adoption. This is why the offer grants to qualifying families.

This is a unique and much needed grant program. Thank you Sparrow Fund for encouraging and supporting adoptive families!,  Here is a link to the Sparrow Fund page for Medical Review grants.