My daughter was blessed with a loving care taker from Half the Sky Foundation! We even have a scrap book of her years in the orphanage with photos of her playing with her caretaker. I cherish this deeply. My daughter grieved her caretaker which broke our hearts to see her sadness, and yet we were so grateful for that caretaker who lavished attention and care on our LingLing.  My little girl at such as  young age lost her first family, so much change and unknown for a little life to endure. I know that during those years while she waited for a family she was given a constant~ a caretaker to play ball with her, teach her, hold her, feed her, and make her know that she is worthy of love. Because she is. They all are.

I am thankful for Half the Sky Foundation. They do a good work!

See here to help them paint a million rainbows in the sky….to help them provide a caretaker for every orphan that waits!