amandablogThe Power of Choice 

by Amanda Felizardo


Your entire life since infancy you are taught to make good choices. After all the choices we make often define our character and who we are and will become as adults. There is power in choices and we seek out friendships, fam


ily, and God to assist us in making the best choices for ourselves and those around us.


As adults you can choose where to live, what c


ar to drive, what job to pursue, who to love, and who not to love. Your choices are endless and so is the power in them. While we live in a culture where we have the freedom to make life’s choices when does that power go too far? Say in Adoption?


Many countries though not all, all

ow for families to choose the sex of their child. This gives families a choice they would never have when conceiving; the choice to have a son or daughter. But did we ever consider the choice these children did not have? The choice to not lose their parents and then to have to be defined by their sex?

Statistics show that 80% of adoptive parents w


ould like to adopt a girl. But did you know that 80% of waiting children are boys? Not to say adopting a daughter is not a wonderful thing but  consider that a child is passed over simply by being the “wrong” sex?

God promised us in John 14:18 NLT œNo, I will no


t abandon you as orphans I will come to you. It was a promise to all mankind who would trust in the Lord. It was promises that although our savior was ascending back into heaven that we would not be left without a father. This statement was not limited to our gender, age, intelligence, wealth, or good deeds. It was to all God’s children- That our father would come back for us.

God showed us the ultimate choice His ultimate sacr


ifice. It was a choice to love all despite sin. Should 2016 be the year that we too learned that all children are precious despite their age, gender, and special needs? Should this be the year that we see children as God see’s us not as a boy or girl but a child of God?

Would you consider praying with me that our hearts would be filled with love and that our horizons would be expanded beyond that of gender and  to the heart of a child crying out for a family of their own?