She had been with her host family for one week when I visited her.  Now, she has one week left before she leaves.  When I arrive, she comes running out of the front door with that captivating smile on her face.  Jennifer 2016.07.05 2She was so happy to see me!  She welcomes me in, shows me where to place my shoes, and leads me to the couch to sit down.  While I chat with her host Mom, and laugh at her 3-year-old and 1-year-old host brothers’ antics, she keeps coming over to me to measure my wrist.  She quietly sits on the couch, intently working on something you can tell is very special to her, while her host Mom fills me in on what an incredible girl she is.  œKind, helpful, patient, caring, sweet, determined, smart, funny.  All words uttered as her host Mom went on and on about Jennifer. 

While our conversation came to a close, Jennifer came over to check my wrist one last time.  Perfection.  It fit.  Her smile made my heart stop as she secured the bracelet around my arm, that she had made, just for me.  braceletWe both smiled at each other.  No words were necessary.  Her eyes said, œPlease, I made this for you, and I am excited for you to have it.  And my eyes said, œThank you.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  I will treasure it always.  And that I will.

Jennifer leaves on Thursday.  Back to China.  Back to the orphanage.  She has touched so many lives while here, mine included.  Though, we still search for her forever family.  I am so grateful to have met Jennifer.  I am so grateful to be a small part of her story.  And my vow to her is that I will wear her bracelet every day.  Every day until her forever family is found.

Jennifer will be in Maryland for one more week through Madison Adoption Associates hosting program.  Even though she will return to China, we will not stop advocating for her until we find her forever family.  Please email Sarah at to learn more about this captivating young lady.