Dear Jayne,

You are on my mind tonight, which isn’t a new thing for me.  I think of you often, and it haunts me that we only have four months to find your family and get you home.  That isn’t much time.  jayne6I’m doing all that I know to do, and I worry it isn’t enough.  Why haven’t we found them yet?  Why haven’t they seen your amazing smile and realized you are their daughter?  They have to be out there.  They just have to.

As I think of you, I think of your story, and all that you have endured.  You already were adopted at the age of 3.  You already had the promise of forever.  And then your adoptive mother passed away from cancer, and your dad struggled.  Your forever ended and you were returned to the orphanage when you were 11.  Promises were broken.  jayneYet, because of your unbreakable spirit, you are not ready to give up.  You still want forever.  And please know that so many of us want you to have it.

Jayne, please know that I do not pity you.  I admire you.  I admire your resolve and your strength.  To have gone through all that you have gone through, and still dream of a family, is remarkable.  You have a loving spirit that you have held onto, regardless of your past.  In some ways, I envy you¦.I wish I had your kind of strength.

I will keep searching for them, Jayne.  I will keep searching for your forever.  And I wish I could promise that I’ll find them.  But you’ve already experienced too many broken promises, so I know better than to say that.  jayne5But please know that I am doing all I can, and so many people are thinking of you and sharing your story.  You are a remarkable young lady Jayne, and my
dream is that I will meet you one day, living out your forever.

You friend,


Jayne is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  She will turn 14 on March 8, at which time she will no longer be available for adoption.  There is a $5,000 grant available for Jayne’s forever family.  Email for more information, or visit our website.