by Katie Brabson

Of recent I have become a huge fan of Ruth Chou Simons, both her art and the words she writes. Her artwork is beautiful and I have been ever so pleased with the pieces I have ordered which now hang on my wall. The only problem that discovering her art has caused is now I want more of it!

There is a particular piece that I am so very happy to have found whilst drooling over the watercolor paintings, which to me are worship on paper.

It is Advent, the season we prepare our hearts and minds  with joy for the coming of the Messiah. And, soon Christmas will be upon us and we can celebrate together that Christ is born just as was told.   He came for us all.  And His imagine, His glory, is in all of us.  Ruth Chou Simons created a Christmas piece that so beautifully reflects this.

In her piece, Abide With Us,  Joseph and Mary are holding the newborn Savior.  Please go and take a look. Let your eyes rest on the beauty of Mary in particular in this piece.  There she sits next to her husband, holding her son, and she reflects not only God’s goodness and the beauty of his creation and promise….but also my daughter.  Your daughters too.

How perfect, for each of us to be able to witness our likeness painted on canvas, as the image of a great love that was set into motion and continues unto the end.  I am so thankful Ruth Chou Simons painted Mary as Asian, for many reasons, but the greatest is  giving it to my Chinese daughter and watching her eyes sparkle as she beholds her own reflection in the greatest story ever told.

Please take a moment and go meet Gracelaced and Ruth Chou Simons!