Oh sweet boy.  As your friends lay still in their cribs, unaware of us, you were attentive.  You noticed us and immediately engaged.  Who were we?  What were we doing there?  Your large, beautiful brown eyes followed us while we moved around the room as you asked those questions to yourself.  I spotted your rosy, chubby cheeks from yards away.  I just had to come over and give them a playful pinch.

When it was your turn for an evaluation, you held Lynne’s gaze.  You interacted with her intently and purposefully.  You took the toys when appropriate, and passed them from hand to hand.  You passed her tests with flying colors, all while continuing to wonder about us.

Trent, I see hope in your big brown eyes.  I see a light.  I see strong-will and determination.  Traits that will take you places in life.  As long as you have family to go along with those admirable traits.  A family who will pick you up when you fall down, dab your tears when you cry, and hold your hand when you’re scared.  Trent, you keep doing what you are doing every day work hard, practice your walking, stay engaged with those around you.  You keep doing that, and I will keep searching for your family.

Trent is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  There is a $2,000 grant available to a qualifying family.  Please email Sarah at sarah@madisonadoption.org for more information.