You turned 4 yesterday.  I missed it.  A few weeks ago I noticed your birthday was coming up.  I made a mental note to do a post for you on that day.  And I missed it.  I am so sorry sweet girl.  You deserve so much better.  You deserve to be doted on and celebrated on your birthday.  Maybe they celebrated at the orphanage.  I’m not sure.  Maybe your first Mother celebrated you in her heart.  Not sure about that either.  But I AM sure that your forever family will never miss it.  We just have to find them first.  I know your Mama and Baba are out there sweet Harlow!  And trust me when I say I’m all I know to do to find them.  My prayer for you is that yesterday will be your last birthday alone.

Harlow is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  There is a $1,000 grant available to the family who adopts her.  Email for more information.