You must watch the video until the end.  Until you see her amazing smile and giggle when talking to her Ayi.  She is trying so hard to get that sock on!  She does not get frustrated, but instead sweetly asks her Ayi for help.

Her update matches that sweet giggle of hers.  Viv is kind and obedient.  She is known to share her food with the younger girls.  She follows directions and helps put things away.  Viv doesn’t like to be criticized, and will pout in the corner if she is.

There is so much potential in this angel, with her determination and sweet demeanor!  Viv would excel at lightning speed in a family!

Viv just turned 3.  She is diagnosed with Apert syndrome.  She is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  There is a $1,000 grant available for the family who adopts her.