by Drayer Spurlock

Dharma. Why do you wait? You’re as cute as a button, outgoing, and friendly. Your eyes shone so brightly when we met. You didn’t say much, but your personality sparkled. You were so excited to meet me and seemed so sad to go back to your room, as if you know you have waited for your own family for a long time. You held my shy and nervous son’s hand as we waited for the elevator to take us upstairs.

Dharma, you broke my heart. You have been on my mind since I returned from China. I have prayed for you since I met you.

Your caretakers explained that you have CP. They really want you to find a home, a family, and they have tried so hard to find you one. I can tell you want that, too. Why have you waited so? It makes no sense to me. I watched you walk and feed yourself grapes, both of which you did well. You did everything that your caretakers asked you  to do. They say you are smart, potty trained, and that your brain is not affected by CP, which seems limited to your right side and your expressive speech. Our guide said that your orphanage has the resources for food and shelter, but not the resources for the therapies that would help you. You definitely need the love of a family, and it would be so easy for you to receive services here.

Dharma, it breaks my heart that you aren’t home yet. Every day, I pray your family sees you and works to bring you home.

Dharma is 7-years-old.  She has Cerebral Palsy.  But much more important than that, she has a sparkle, a kind soul, and a burning desire for a forever family.  Could it be you?  You can find more information about Dharma here.  Or email