Many things struck me when reading Wyatt’s file¦.mostly good things.  Things that impressed me about this special boy.  It is filled with details, and was obviously written by someone who cares about him.  But one thing stood out much more than the rest.  The part that says, œhe can say, ˜I’m Wyatt.  I’m a boy.  I’m 4 years old.  I live in the children’s welfare institute.’  While this is shared in his file as a compliment, as an example of one of the many things that Wyatt can do and say, it still pretty much tore at my heart.  A 4-year-old should never have to say those words.  A 4-year-old should never know what those words even mean¦.. ˜I live in the children’s welfare institute.’  But Wyatt does.  It is his reality.  He lives in the children’s welfare institute.

I read on, and found myself smiling while reading of all the things Wyatt can do.  Smiling especially at the section describing how he likes to pull weeds in the garden.  He is sure to ask if something is a weed or vegetable before yanking it out of the earth, followed by happily singing the ˜pulling out radish’ song.  And while I found myself smiling at these anecdotes about Wyatt, I still couldn’t shake the œI’m Wyatt.  I’m a boy.  I’m 4 years old.  I live in the children’s welfare institute.  It is simply something a child should never know to say.

Wyatt is not yet 5-years-old and is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  He is diagnosed with a limb difference.  There is a $500 grant available to the family who steps up so this child no longer has to say ‘I live in the children’s welfare institute.’  Email for more information, or complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form to be considered as his forever family.