You’ve seen their pictures.  You’ve heard some of their stories.  You’ve read our pleas asking you to step out of your comfort zone and fill in the gap for these kids.  These kids who have waited for years and years for their chance at a forever.  These kids who are so much more than words in a file.  But the excuses are so easy to hang on to.  œWe are too busy.  œWe’d have to rearrange our bedrooms. œThe kids might get too attached.  The list goes on and on with the ˜why we can’t’s.  And we get it.  We really do!  But as that list continues to grow, we ask you to just pause for a moment, and ask yourselves, Why Not?  Even take it a step further, and don’t just ask, but really consider, ˜What if we did host?’  ˜How would we be impacted?’ ˜What would it mean for us and the hosted child?’  ‘What would those 20-25 days look like?’  None of us know the answers to those questions.  But some possibilities are that you could offer a life changing three weeks to a deserving child; you could learn about a new culture, and share your own; you could become the answer to a waiting child’s prayer; you could be forever changed, and change the life of a child; or maybe, just maybe, you could fall in love.  Now, wouldn’t all that be worth it?  Think about it.

We are hosting a conference call on December 18, 2018 at 7pm CST to answer ALL of your hosting questions.  From standard hosting to ˜reverse’ hosting, from big picture to minor details, please join us to have all of your questions answered!  The dial in number is (605) 468-8845, with a participant access code of 813043.  We look forward to having you there!  And we look forward to you choosing to be the change that will change a child’s life.

To learn more about our hosting programs, please visit our website, or email for more information.