What exactly does it mean to have a broken heart?  Of course, there is the figurative meaning that feelings of lost love are so strong, it truly feels like your actual physical heart is broken.  And then there is the literal meaning when your heart does not work like it physically should.  But what about when both are present?  What should we call it then?  Double broken hearted?  Enter Grayson.  One of the sweetest boys I have ever encountered in my entire life.

Some might say Grayson has a double broken heart, literally and figuratively.  Literally, because it doesn’t quite work as it should.  Figuratively, because he still waits for a family.  But, after meeting Grayson, I refuse to believe that this boy’s heart is anything but pure, sweet, and amazing just like him.  Despite all he has been through physically and emotionally, he is sweet, empathetic, kind, and caring.  Grayson loves so much more than many people I know with ˜perfect’ hearts.  Not to mention his smile that completely lights up the room.

Today is Grayson’s birthday.  He’s 11.  So to celebrate Grayson today, and his perfectly imperfect heart, please share about him with all you know, in hopes that his next birthday will be celebrated with a full heart surrounded by family and love.  Include a simple heart emoji with your post or forward¦let’s light up social media with hearts for Grayson!

Grayson is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  There is a $4,000 grant (which includes the $1,000 For Ivy grant) available to the family who steps forward for Grayson.  Please email Sarah@madisonadoption.org for more information, or complete our Prospective Adoptive Parent form.  And if you are not in a position to adopt right now, please share!!