My son was born with a hole in his heart.  I was a first time Mom.  Just hearing those words….”Hole” and “Heart” sent me into full-on panic.  I had fears.  I had questions.  I had so many emotions running through me.  But I also had access to doctors, cardiologists, a state-of-the-art hospital, and a rock-solid support system.  Even with all of those supports, it was still one of my hardest moments.  Turns out it was on the minor side, and only required monitoring for several years – eventually resolving on its own.

But every time I read a file of a child with CHD, I am taken back to that moment….New Mom, hearing the words…”Hole”…”Heart,” and my heart aches for the mothers in other parts of the world who had the same fears, questions, and emotions that I did, but with no supports.  With no state-of-the-art facilities to turn to.  With no way to help their baby.  And my heart aches for them.

Meet Hanna and Ashton.  Two amazing ‘heart warriors.’  Two kiddos with imperfect hearts who need access to not only medical care, but to the love and support of a family who will see them through whatever procedures they need.


Ashton and Hanna are available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  Both qualify for the $1,000 For Ivy grant, as well as other MAA grants.  To learn more about Ashton and Hanna, and our other Heart Warriors, complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form.  You can also ‘meet’ many of our waiting children by visiting our website.