It’s an exciting time of year here at Madison Adoption Associates. You see, we are very busy gearing up for our Summer hosting session, and part of that process is ‘meeting’ the children who are eligible to participate. Enter Ciara! When I opened her picture, a smile immediately came across my face because of the big smile on hers. Something about her just struck me. I saw innocence, sweetness, hope, and joy, all wrapped up in the face of an angel!

8-year-old Ciara is available to be hosted by a qualified family in Illinois, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. The tentative dates are July 22 – August 7, 2019.

What is orphan hosting? A hosting program is a strategy used to identify possible permanent families for waiting children who have been cleared for inter-country adoption and are patiently waiting for their adoptive placement. These children will be able to experience family life and be exposed to a more stimulating environment than in the institutions where they currently live. However, it is not just the children who will benefit, but you and your entire family. The hosting experience will affect you in many ways – dispel any fears about adopting an older child, teach your children a valuable lesson in compassion, expose your friends and family to the orphan crisis, and give you the opportunity to have an integral role in orphan advocacy.

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Not in a position to host this summer? You are still in a position to advocate for these precious children! Please share this post with your family and friends…you never know who will be moved to step forward.