Why you should choose Madison Adoption Associates!!

Colombia sees the great gift international adoption can bring- more families for more children! As the central authority, ICBF, grows international adoption and approves new agencies, it can become overwhelming for families considering adoption to figure out what agency to work with. Does it matter which agency you choose? The short answer is yes, absolutely! The long answer is there are several reasons families should carefully choose their agency, and five reasons why Madison Adoption Associates should be top of your list for agencies to consider!

  1. Relationships– Colombia is a relational country, and MAA has invested the time to build those relationships! We have worked with the central authority, ICBF, and have built relationships with various Iapas. These institutions know us and we know them, and we have built trust through our time working with them. We do not take the responsibility of matching children with families lightly, and because we nourish these relationships, one of the most important outcomes is how these relationships impact our matching process.  Because of our close ties, we are able to work very closely with your family in terms of determining which matching process best suits you, be it a waiting child, a certain Iapa, or submitting a Dossier for an adoption committee to match your family with a child.
  2. Our Colombian Representative– Soraya Diaz is MAA’s representative in Colombia. She has strong relationships with ICBF, defenders (attorneys who act as social workers), and Iapas.  Soraya is very active in the international adoption field in Colombia, and routinely visits with other child welfare professionals, as well as with available children.  For families who are seeking to adopt a young child or siblings with mild to moderate needs, Soraya’s constant communication with ICBF and Iapas regarding available children helps keep wait times short!
  3. Grants – While we work hard to match our waiting families, we know that many of the children in need of adoption in Colombia are already waiting; they are children who are older or who have special needs families may consider significant. For families open to adopting these children, we provide grants to open the door to adoption for more potential families. Every family who commits to adopt a child on our waiting list will automatically get a $500 grant, as well as more potential grants depending on the child’s circumstances. We also have grants available based on family circumstance, regardless of the child being adopted, and partner with Brittany’s Hope to award grants twice a year.
  4. Support In-Country– Soraya also provides support to our travelling families; she meets with families who arrive in Bogota, and will be present with families adopting in Bogota or nearby areas for the entire process, including meeting your children, going to court, and applying for the passport. For families adopting from other regions, Soraya will have a representative accompany you.  She also arranges transportation to and from the airport and appointments, and coordinates a translator whenever needed. Regardless of the area you adopt from, Soraya and MAA are always available by phone and can help with any issues that arise.
  5. Support Once Home– MAA knows that meeting your child is really just the beginning! Misty Lucas, the Colombia Program Director, will be in frequent touch with you while you are in country and once home. MAA also created a position for a Post-Adoption Wellness Coordinator because we see the need for someone who is dedicated just to families who are home with their children. Lindsey Teefey is an adoptive mom herself, and helps families navigate the behavioral and emotional challenges of adjusting to life with their new child.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to decide on an agency to use, so please give us a call! We are here to answer all of your questions as you make these big decisions about how to bring a child into your family, and hope you’ll consider MAA for your journey to Colombia.

You can find more information about our Colombia Program by visiting our website, or by completing our free Prospective Adoptive Parent form. With immediate questions about any of our programs, please email Lindsey Gilbert at lindseyg@madisonadoption.org.