It all started with a celery emoji.  You see, we got the Chinese written update in.  I don’t read Chinese.  Occasionally I will try to run some of the characters through a translation app, to get a sense of what it says while awaiting the translation.  You could imagine my surprise when I opened the document, and in among the characters, was a bright green little celery emoji.  Ok, now I HAVE to know what this report says!!  I run it through translation, and see phrases like, “good boy,” “teacher,” “smart.”  Of course, the translation was so rough, that I couldn’t really get a sense of the whole document.

Fast forward to the next day.  We get his updated pictures in.  I didn’t think it could get any better than the celery emoji from the day before.  Boy was I wrong.  I open the first picture and the face of a gorgeous, handsome boy is smirking back at me.  Then comes picture number two.  A whole lotta pink (including a pink helium tank of sorts??), but there he is winking at me.  Be still my heart!  This boy exudes charisma!

Ok, there has to be more to the story here.  I have to read the translated update to figure out why this gorgeous, charismatic boy still waits.  My email dings, and there it is.  Open it, and immediately see words like ‘clean and tidy,’ ‘very smart,’ ‘clever, take study seriously,’ ‘takes care of others, never bully younger children,’ ‘good helper with mopping, playing with younger children, washing dishes,’ ‘good eater, eats meat and vegetables (there’s our celery emoji),’ ‘excellent capabilities of speaking, understanding,’ ‘loves study and reading with good performance at school.’

And then I get to the end.  Just when I thought this boy couldn’t be any more perfect: “Seth’s dream is to be a teacher.  We trust you the best!  You can make it come true!”  A conclusion filled with love and hope by the caretaker who wrote it.  We trust you the best too, Seth!  And we agree with your caregiver….you can make it come true!  You keep up the good work in school, and in being the best you can be; and we’ll keep working on finding your forever family!      

Seth is almost 10 years old, with his only medical special need being a possible inguinal hernia. If you are interested in learning more about Seth, and about the China adoption process, please complete our Prospective Adoptive Parent form, or email