Recently turned 5 year old Cai, listed with Madison Adoption Associates, just got an update today! Cai is diagnosed with mild CP and a hemangioma on the forehead (it is very possible that he has Sturge Weber). Cai is receiving excellent care in a foster care center and he has shown great improvement in his development since being moved there. He has a beautiful smile and it almost never leaves his face. Watch Cai’s new video to see him playing hard to get and hiding behind that fan. Even that fan can’t hide his huge smile! Some lucky family is going to be blessed by this ray of sunshine!


1. How is his language? Does he speak using 2-3 words or in sentences?
He can speak single words or double words, and cannot speak in sentence, but he can express himself.

2. How are his gross motor skills? Can he run, hop, jump, and climb like other normally developing peers?
He can walk and run, but his left foot leans to the left side. His left hand is weak. Compared with his peers, he is weak physically.

3. How are his fine motor skills? Can he pick-up small objects with his thumb and index finger? Can he use a pencil or crayon to write or color?
He can pick up small things with his thumb and index fingers.He can write with a pencil.

4. How does his special
need affect him? Is there anything he can’t do that you feel he should be able to do at five?
He is lack of imagination, and cannot tell others what he thinks and feels.

5. Who is he closest to?
He is close to his good friends Guanghai and Guangyi, and his nanny Yang Xiulian.

6. What is his favorite activity to do?
He likes outdoor activities, like walking and running.

7. What comforts him when he gets upset?
He doesn’t like noise. Quietness can help him calm down.

8.How would you describe his personality?
He is introverted, full of emotion. He is also optimistic and curious. He loves to study the new things, and he is very help to others. In a word, he is a good boy.

9. How is his eating? Can he eat independently and is he picky?
He eats on his own, and he is not picky of food.

10. Is he potty trained during the daytime? How about at night?
In daytime, he goes to toilet by himself, at night he puts on a diaper.

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