3 year old Steven is beyond adorable! , You don’t want to miss his precious videos….especially the 2nd one listed when he says ‘bye bye’ in the cutest little voice ever! ,  Steven is diagnosed with albinism and is newly designated to Madison Adoption Associates. , A recent update confirmed that he is not delayed and is starting to potty train. He likes to eat and help pass out snacks to other children. He likes to dance and can speak in simple words and follow simple commands.
From Jan. 2015:
From October 2014:
A traveling family who happens to also have two children with albinism was able to meet Steven three weeks ago. , They said: , “Steven is adorable! He was very sweet and somewhat shy. We brought him a hat and sunglasses. He liked the hat but was unsure about the glasses.He was walking and talking and appeared to be developmentally on track. It was apparent that he was one of the favorites and is used to being given lots of love and attention, which is not the case for every child at his orphanage. He was timid around us and afraid to let me hold him at first. We spent about 30 mins there with him and the other kids.” , This family would be happy to talk to an interested family about Steven, about albinism, or about his orphanage and home province. , Video and photos are available from this family as well!
From Steven’s file: Steven can walk while holding onto something (obviously he can walk now based on his videos). He can play with the other kids, can call dad and mom, and can say good bye to others. Steven can pull other,,¦¾šs by the hand, can put on his shoes with help, and can go up stairs independently.
If you would like to see Steven’s file (updates not included), please go here: http://madisonadoption.com/WaitingList.aspx
If you are interested in learning more about Steven or you are interested in adopting Steven, please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here: , https://madison.mysamdb.com/SAM/Fm/Fm_Ap_Form_Edt.aspx