It was impossible not to notice those cheeks and lips as they came towards me.  Enter Yani.  Chubby cheeks, pouty lips, and a whole lot of (appropriate) skepticism as to what this room full of strangers wanted.  I could see Yani taking it all in, one person at a time.  She never strayed far from her nanny, with the exception of snagging a lollipop from the candy bag.

Though quietly, Yani actively participated in our evaluation.  She followed directions with ease, and even let a few smiles sneak out.  Even though her shy sweetness was more than apparent, her nanny wanted to be sure that we knew Yani always helps in class, and is a kind, calm girl.

Yani is three and a half, and is diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage and sequelae of cerebral obstruction.  While her diagnosis may sound intimidating, Yani surely is not!  This genuine soul would so benefit from the love and support of a forever family!

Yani is 3 years old.  She is available for adoption through Madison Adoption Associates.  Please visit our website or email for more information.