The days were long, but the years were oh-so short.  I had two boys – 3 and 1.  And they  And before I knew it, I had two boys – 5 and 3.  And they too  But one thing that sticks out in my mind is the wonder of that age – of 3 years old.  Especially of 3-year-old boy.  Curiosity, dirt, adventure, snot, tantrums to test even the most patient, love and snuggles galore.  Somehow 3-year-old boys are able to start to assert their ‘boy’ness, while still maintaining a firm place in Mama’s heart as her baby.  They test the limits, and when they learn the boundaries, they just test them again, and again, and again.  They ask WHY.  Constantly.  But they also listen to the answers.  They truly want to know WHY!  They scrape their knees, they ask for hugs, they fight naps, they fill hearts.  3-years-old.  A magical age.

Dominic’s third year just started a couple months ago.  From those who know him, I’m told he too is starting to explore his ‘boy’ness.  Though, he’s a little more reluctant to, as he doesn’t have the security of a Mom and Dad to fall back on.  When he falls, he’s not sure if someone will be there to kiss the skinned knee and pick him back up.  When he sees that giant puddle, he’s not sure if he should jump right in it (let’s be honest….this is a rite of passage that NO boy should ever have to second guess!).  He’s a bit introverted and a bit shy.  Traits I’m sure his Mama and Baba will appreciate as they help him discover his ‘boy’ness.  But he can’t really dive in deep into all that it means to be a 3-year-old boy until his family comes for him.  Are you his family?  Are you ready to be driven bonkers and filled with unimaginable love all at once?

Dominic is 3-years-old and is available through Madison Adoption Associates.  There is a $2,000 grant available to his adoptive family.  He is diagnosed as post-operative hydronephrosis.  For more information please email, or complete the Prospective Adoptive Parent form to be considered as his adoptive family.